Alpha Males!

Shawn Burke has finished filming a role on The Marriage Course web series for Alpha, and Ron Wear who has also been filming a role this month will recur in a future episode.

The Alpha Series: The Marriage Course is a non-profit web series based out of the UK which will be distributed worldwide. It is a 7 episode marriage course and a 5 episode pre-marriage course that aids couples in pre-marriage and marriage counseling.

Producer: Dylan Jenkinson, Daniel Stewart
Executive Producer: Gordie Cochran
Director: Daniel Stewart
Writer: Nicky and Sila Lee

Story line: In this series we will be capturing many scenes in which couples will interact with one another in a scenario to help portray a concept or idea relating to the content. Some scenes will be filmed in a ‘Wes Anderson’ style set build location while others will be more abstract vignettes in studio. Some scenes will be more realistic on-location scenes that tell a story in amidst the teaching content of this series.

What A Catch!

Monique Phillips has just finished filming a role on the feature film Little Fish.

Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell are set to star in Little Fish, a high-concept, sci-fi love story that will be directed by Chad Hartigan, the filmmaker behind the award-winning Sundance movies Morris From America and This Is Martin Bonner.

Tango Entertainment and Black Bear are financing the feature project, which comes with a bevy of producers: Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Rian Cahill of Automatik; Tim Headington and Lia Buman of Tango; Chris Ferguson of Oddfellows Entertainment; and Mattson Tomlin.

Little Fish focuses on a young married couple who fight to keep their love alive in the face of a mysterious pandemic that erases people’s memories. Tomlin wrote the script, adapting an original short story by Aja Gabel.

Raul Castillo and Soko are also joining the cast of the production, which is set to begin shooting later this month.

Hartigan’s coming-of-age dramedy Morris From America won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, while This Is Martin Bonner won the Best of Next! Audience Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and also received the John Cassavetes Award at the 2014 Indie Spirit Awards.

O’Connell starred in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and on Netflix’s Western series Godless. Next up for the actor is Against All Enemies, a biopic of controversial French actress Jean Seberg featuring Kristen Stewart, Zazie Beetz and Vince Vaughn.

Cooke starred in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and in Thoroughbreds with Anton Yelchin. She will next be seen in The Sound of Metal with Riz Ahmed.

It’s All About Sharing…

Marybelle Sagard
and Jason Bempong have finished filming roles on the Life.Shared new media series for Alpha Ministries Canada — a British Columbian Ministry.

Life.Shared reflects Alpha’s new brand language to
communicate the idea that life is better when it’s shared.

Story line: Three vignette featuring different types of relationships that we all have. For this centerpiece video: neighbours, coworkers, and friends.

Maddy In Living Color!!

Madeleine Arthur will be starring in Color Out of Space, with Nicolas Cage, a feature-length adaptation of terror-master H.P. Lovecraft’s 1927 novella.  
The film is directed by South African filmmaker Richard Stanley in his first feature in 20 years. For Cage, it’s a re-team with SpectreVision after last year’s hit revenge thriller Mandy. Principal photography on the new project has just finished filming in Portugal.
The film will also star Joely Richardson (“Nip/Tuck”Red Sparrow), Tommy Chong (Up in Smoke), Elliot Knight (DC’s “Titans”), Julian Hilliard (“The Haunting of Hill House”) and Q’Orianka Kilcher (“The Alienist”).

The film follows the Gardners, a family who moves to a remote New England farmstead to escape the hustle of the 21st century. They are busy adapting to their new life when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. It seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time with a strange, otherworldly color, and to the family’s horror they discover the alien force is gradually mutating every life form that it touches including them.

SpectreVision’s Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Lisa Whalen and Elijah Wood are producing, with Timur Bekbosunov, Johnny Chang, Emma Lee and Peter Wong executive producing for ACE Pictures, which is also financing. Stacy Jorgensen will executive produce for SpectreVision.

Lovecraft is the dark father of modern horror, and we have been searching for an adaptation that captures the true scope of his cosmic dread for years,” Noah said in a release announcing the project. “Richard Stanley — a wizard in his own right — will at long last bring Lovecraft’s humbling power to the screen unfiltered.”

Stanley directed cult hits Hardware and Dust Devil and was famously excised from helming the eventual 1996 pic The Island Of Dr. Moreau based on the book of another famed writer, H.G. Wells.

Evan Makes History!

Evan Gillmore is busy filming a role on Episode #410 of Amazon’s alternate-history thriller, “Man in the High Castle“. 
The series, which is loosely based on the novel written by science fiction author Philip K. Dick, takes a look at what the world might look like if the outcome of World War II had favoured the Nazis. Set in 1962, this alternate version of Earth history, has the forces of Japan and Germany winning the second World War and dividing the USA into puppet states.
The fourth season of the Amazon hit series, The Man in the High Castleis expected to debut in fall 2019, it has been announced that this will be the final season for the series. The pickup for season four came a few months ahead of the third-season debut.Production on the series will wrap next month in Vancouver for a premiere in the fall.
“I believe fans will be thrilled and satisfied by the epic conclusion we have in store for them,” executive producer Isa Dick Hackett.

Man in the High Castle – Teaser – Season 4:

Picture, If You Will…

Shawn Burke has finished filming episode 109 of the highly anticipate CBS series Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone is an upcoming American anthology drama web television series, based on the original 1959 television series created by Rod Serling, that is set to premiere on April 1, 2019 on CBS All Access.

On April 1, CBS All Access will unveil its Twilight Zone reboot with a two-episode debut—but as spring draws ever nearer, we still know very little about the project. The streaming program will be a modern reimagining of the classic Twilight Zone series, which aired from 1959 to 1964. Get Out director Jordan Peele will executive produce the series alongside Simon Kinberg, and will narrate and host the series as well.

There will be a self-contained story in every episode and also like its predecessors, it will lean on science fiction, fantasy and horror to tell tales laced with social commentary, often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist, and usually with a moral.

Several high-profile actors have signed on to the show. Sanaa Lathan was the first to come aboard. It was also previously announced that Greg Kinnear and Steven Yeun will co-star in an episode titled “The Traveler.” John Cho, Allison Tolman, and Jacob Tremblay will star in another episode titled “The Wunderkind.” Tremblay’s younger sister, Erica, will also appear in the episode as well.

Atlanta star Zazie Beetz and Get Out’s Betty Gabriel are the most recent performers to join the cast. In late February, Seth Rogen was also announced among the incoming cast; according to a press release, the actor is set to appear in an episode written by Alex Rubens.
Some other actors set to appear are Adam Scott, , Kumail Nanjiani, Ginnifer Goodwin and Tracy Morgan.

“Rod Serling was an uncompromising visionary who not only shed light on social issues of his time, but prophesied issues of ours,” Peele said. “I’m honored to carry on his legacy to a new generation of audiences as the gatekeeper of The Twilight Zone.”

The latest trailer for the series is light on details, but full of extremely creepy vibes—and enticing peeks at the many celebrities whose involvement has been announced over the past few months. It also ends on a nostalgic note: a lightly modernized version of the original show’s iconic creepy music.

Twilight Zone – Superbowl Promo:



Cole Dirksen can be seen in the spot  “It Takes A Teacher”- A day in the life of a BC teacher.

For The BC Teachers Federation ad.
Usage: Broadcast/Digital/Stills

Troy Ames has booked the spot “You got It” Kids on a Shaw Wifi commercial for Blue Curve.

Usage: Canadian National
Worldwide Internet

Easter Surprise!

Gigi Jackman has booked a role in Hallmark’s upcoming MOW, “Undercover Easter” AKA EASTER UNDER WRAPS.

Producer : Costa Vassos
Director: Gary Yates
Writers: Mike Bell & Gary Yates

Plot: ERIKA CAVENDISH, a marketing/social media executive with her family’s distinguished chocolate-making dynasty, goes “undercover” as a new factory worker in one of the company’s chocolate factories to see how the employees are really feeling, and if the next move is more automation or more hands-on chocolate making. Once ensconced on the factory floor as “Veronica Erikson,” Erika goes beyond her comfort zone, falls in love, saves the company, and discovers that, as “Veronica,” she’s learning a lot more about Erika…