Jason Bempong has booked a role for ‘Project Drive‘ a commercial spot for Lyft.

LINK: https://www.lyft.com

North America (USA & it’s Territories, Canada & Mexico) BROADCAST IS CANADA ONLY.

Jason Bempong has also booked an OCP role for ‘Project Window‘, a commercial spot for Walmart.

All Moving Media, incl broadcast, digital, online, social, internet, industrial, theatre, all new media (such as mobile), public relations.
Territory: US (USA & it’s Territories, Internet is worldwide.

Jag & Zolan Arneja
have finished filming roles in a GCPE commercial for BC Childcare.

Run/Usage: TV Broadcast and Digital, Print
Regional Category 1

Terry Streete, Hiro Thomas and Yuua Yamahaka have all finished filming roles on ‘Project Nature‘, a commercial spot for P&G – for Corporate Olympic Sponsorship.

Link: https://www.pg.ca/en-ca

North America (including Mexico & Canada)

Industrial, Internet/digital, New media, Digital Stills Usage – Worldwide.
Option Japan and China.

Zebastin Borjeau has finished filming ‘Holiday Reunion‘, a very exciting campaign for Comcast/Xfinity.

Stay Tuned!!!

US Broadcast, Internet & New Media, Theatrical & Industrial.

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