A Musical Christmas

Audrey Wise Alvarez has been busy filming a role in Hallmark Channel’s upcoming movie ‘Christmas Harmony‘.

Director:  Catherine Cyran
Written by: Joey Elkins & Blake Silver
STORY LINE: Well-loved country music duo SKYLAR SOMERVILLE and JESSE COLLINS, famous for their duet “Christmas with You,” haven’t played together since they went their separate ways years ago. Skylar gave up music and opened a beautiful lodge in a snowy Vermont town – while Jesse still tours. When fate brings them together over the holidays at Skylar’s lodge just in time for the Christmas Festival, they are touched by the holiday spirit and their love for one another is reignited…

Romance for sale!

Naïka Toussaint is busy filming a role on Hallmark’s upcoming MOW ‘Shopping for Love

Writer: Joie Botkin
STORY LINE: Hosts of their own separate shows on the Shopping At Home Network, Terrie Carpenter and David Bradshaw appear to be total opposites: she’s perfectly coiffed and prepped, he’s more of a rugged, spontaneous kind of guy. Both are big draws with their respective audiences, both are rivals, and both are up for promotion to be the network’s new director. Which makes it awkward when they’re paired together to host a series of shows, where their natural chemistry on-stage leads to love off-stage–or does it?

Role Of A Lifetime!

Catch Grayson Gurnsey in the premiere of Family Pictures, Saturday June 29th at 8 PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

Family Pictures“ is one of the 3 original movies based on novels by international best-selling author Jane Green, which have been “green lighted” by Lifetime. Family Pictures was executive produced by Grey’s Anatomy‘s Kim Raver.

In Family Pictures, Sylvie (Machado) and Maggie (Röhm) are two strangers living on opposite coasts, leading very similar lives with husbands that travel for work too much and daughters about to leave the nest. But when their daughters befriend each other on a college tour, they soon discover a shocking secret that threatens to tear both families apart. Matt Passmore (Jigsaw) also stars as Mark. Based on the Jane Green novel of the same name, Family Pictures is executive produced by Green, Kim Raver, Manu Boyer, Jocelyn Freid, David Fleming and Kara Feifer with Boyer directing from a script by written by Ilene Rosenzweig.


No Fear!

Summer Barkwell and Charlotte Marcynuk have both booked roles on Nickelodeon’s upcoming reboot of ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’
Summer has booked a role on Episode #101 and Charlotte on episode #103.

Are You Afraid of the Dark remains a popular cult series, and this year, it’s making a big comeback. Nickelodeon has revealed that an Are You Afraid of the Dark miniseries is coming this October:

The limited series will consist of three hour-long episodes.
Are You Afraid of the Dark? introduces an entirely new Midnight Society group of kids who tell a terrifying tale about the Carnival of Doom, only to have the events of the story come to life.

According to Deadline, Sam Ashe Arnold (Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever.) will play Gavin. Miya Cech (Rim of the World) will play Akiko. Tamara Smart (The Worst Witch) will star as Louise. Jeremy Taylor (Stephen King’s It (2017) stars as Graham. Lyliana Wray (Black-ish) plays Rachel and Rafael Casal (Blindspotting) will play the Carnival of Doom’s Ringmaster: Mr. Tophat.

This spooky anthology series for kids recounted ghost stories told by the young members of the Midnight Society as they gather around a campfire. Each episode opened with members of the Midnight Society at their secret spot in the woods, where they prepare their fire and the night’s storyteller announces the title of the his or her offering. However, the cameras soon leave the storyteller and switch to the tale being told.

The series is produced by ACE Entertainment, with ACE founder Matt Kaplan and Spencer Berman serving as executive producers. “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is written by Ben David Grabinski (Skiptrace) and directed by Dean Israelite, (Power Rangers) both of whom will also executive produce.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a Canadian horror fantasy-themed anthology television series that was on YTV. It aired from 1990 to 1996, and for a second run from 1999 to 2000. The original series was created by D.J. MacHale and Ned Kandel and was picked up by Nickelodeon in 1991. MacHale, Kandel, and Nickelodeon teamed up with the Canadian company Cinar, and as a part of the deal the show was filmed in Richmond, British Columbia and in the Greater Montreal area.

The series premiered with the episode “The Tale of the Twisted Claw” as a pilot on Halloween 1990 on the Canadian television network YTV and aired until June 11, 2000. The show also premiered on Nickelodeon’s SNICK on August 15, 1992, and aired until April 20, 1996. The show was both a critical and commercial success, garnering numerous awards as the series progressed

A revival series with new directors, writers, and a cast was produced by Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2000 and also aired on SNICK. The sole member from the original lineup to return for the sixth and seventh seasons was Tucker (Daniel DeSanto), although Gary (Ross Hull) returned for the concluding show, which notably broke from the show’s established format by blurring the line between story and “reality

Top 10 Reasons Why “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is Scary Good!


A Courageous Performance!

Make sure to watch Chance Hurstfield’s lead role in Hulu’s new animated series ‘The Bravest Night‘. The first five episodes are now available on Hulu!
Based on the wildly popular children’s book by Daniel Errico The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, the story chronicles a young pumpkin farmer’s adventure as he attempts to become the bravest knight who ever lived. Hulu has ordered 13 episodes of The Bravest Knight from Big Bad Boo Studios.

The new series is breaking boundaries, featuring a household with two dads (Sir Cedric and Prince Andrew), making it one of the first children’s television series with an openly gay main character. Following the inspiring and perseverant former pumpkin farmer, Sir Cedric, now grown and married to the prince of his dreams, The Bravest Knight recounts personal tales of his journey. Sir Cedric shares his story with his adopted 10-year-old daughter Nia, on how he transformed from day-time farmer to full-fledged knight. Nia, who is training to become a brave knight herself, learns important values such as honor, justice, and compassion; proving that knighthood is much more than slaying dragons.

The show boasts a star-studded cast including T.R. Knight as “Sir Cedric,” Bobby Moynihan as young Cedric’s troll sidekick “Grunt,” Storm Reid as Not-Yet-Knight “Nia,” and will also feature the voice talents of RuPaul, Christine Baranski, Wanda Sykes, Wilson Cruz, Teri Polo, Steven Weber, Donna Murphy, AJ McLean, Dot-Marie Jones, Maz Jobrani, Chance Hurstfield and more. The Bravest Knight’s opening theme song was written and performed by Grammy-nominated musician, songwriter, and activist Justin Tranter.


Mark Sweatman has finished filming a role on Episode #106 of Netflix’s dramedy, ‘The Healing Powers of Dude“.

Netflix has ordered 8 episodes of The Healing Powers of Dude, a family live action (single-camera) comedy series co-created by Erica Spates and Sam Littenberg-Weisberg (Coop and Cami Ask the World, Victorious and Mystery Girls) with half of the episodes directed by Richie Keen (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Fist Fight, Teachers).

The sitcom follows Noah, “an 11-year-old boy with social anxiety disorder, [who] has to start middle school, he turns to a mutt named Dude, a sarcastic emotional support dog who might need Noah as much as Noah needs him.” The cast includes Tom Everett Scott, Larisa Oleynik, Laurel Emory, Mauricio Lara, Sophie Jaewon Kim, Dude the Dog, and newcomer Jace Chapman.

Executive Producers: Dan Lubetkin (Adam DeVine’s House Party, Workaholics) from Blue Ant Studios together with Keen as well as Spates and Littenberg-Weisberg.

Producer: Chris Phillips (Prince Of Peoria).

The Healing Powers of Dude joins Netflix’s growing slate of live action series featuring kids and families,

Netflix has not yet announced a premiere date for The Healing Powers of Dude.

Empowered Women!

Angela Shaw
has booked a role on Episode #103 and Sayna Sadres on Episode #104 of Freeform’s upcoming series, Motherland.

Freeform has put out a 10-episode series order for “Motherland: Fort Salem”, a show about witches in the American military. The one-hour drama, which has Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Kevin Messick on board as EPs, was created by Eliot Laurence and is set in an alternate, present-day America where witches ended their persecution 300 years ago by cutting a deal with the U.S. government to fight for their country. “Motherland: Fort Salem” follows three young women from basic training in combat magic, to the terror of early deployment. In this world, the traditional roles of gender and power are flipped with women on the front lines, while the looming terrorist threat feel strikingly familiar to our world. 

“We’re so excited to be able to tell this story rich with female empowerment, complex storytelling and an incredibly creative canon. While set in an alternative universe, ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ will continue the authentic and issues-driven storylines that our network is known for, and what our audience has come to expect.” – Freeform president Tom Ascheim.

The show stars Taylor Hickson (“Deadly Class”) as Raelle, a reluctant recruit with major authority issues whose mother recently died in the line of duty, and Jessica Sutton (“The Kissing Booth”) as Tally, a kind, strong-willed and curious witch. Amalia Holm (“Playground”) rounds out the young witch recruits, playing Scylla, a playful yet dark and mischievous recruit. Demetria McKinney (“The Saints and Sinners”) will play Anacostia, a tough but wryly humorous drill sergeant. 

Motherland: Fort Salem” is written and created by Eliot Laurence and produced by Freeform Studios and Gary Sanchez Productions. Ferrell, McKay and Kevin Messick serve as EPs for SanchezEliot Laurence, Maria Maggenti and Steven Adelson will also executive produce the series. The pilot was directed by Steven A. Adelson.

Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7IYcQ07v08

Over The Moon For Naïka!

Naïka Toussaint has booked a role in the upcoming romance MOW, Over the Moon in Love.
Director: Christie Will
Writer: Jessica Lowndes
Starring Jessica LowndesWes Brown, Peter Graham-Gaudreau
With her match-making business on the verge of sail or sink, Brooklyn Moore (Jessica Lowndes) finds herself in the unique position to be featured in Life/Style Magazine. The publicity she could get would change her life and career forever! Lead journalist Stefanie Carlton is going to write a piece about Perfect Match and it’s 100% success rate, but in order to get the attention and marketing she needs, Brooklyn decides to throw a summer love party. In the midst of all this her childhood friend Devin (Wes Brown) comes back into her life, and even though Stephanie has eyes on him, a flame still lingers between Devin and Brooklyn. Can she find love for herself and be successfully publically recognized as the true romance specialist she is?

A Little Sugar With That?

Chance Hurstfield
will be filming a role this month in the upcoming Netflix film, Coffee and Kareem
Taraji P. Henson and Ed Helms will star in the police drama “Coffee & Kareem” for NetflixHelms will portray the Detroit cop and Henson will play his girlfriend. He reluctantly teams with her 11-year-old son to clear his name and take down the city’s most ruthless criminal. 

Based on Shane McCarthy’s 2014 Black List script, Ed Helms and Mike Falbo are producing via their Pacific Electric Picture Co. banner. Sanford NelsonJordon FossLinden Nelson, and Don Foss are executive producing.