Naya Arneja has booked a role on the Google Fall 2019 Nest Hero Video campaign in the spot “Moods“.

For Global Digital, Industrial, Public Exhibition, All Internet, New Media, Print, PR /Publicity, 3PR.

Terry Streete has booked an OCP role for “Project Card” a commercial spot for the insurance company Anthem Inc. in the “Anthem Medicare Benefit of Blue” Production.

Usage: US only for TV and Industrial, Internet is Worldwide.

Veronica (Nica) MacDonald has booked a Country Crock commercial for a plant based butter.

1 Year North America: All Moving Media + Internet + Industrial + All Print Media.
Kylee Dawson and Naya Arneja have both finished filming a role on the Fisher-Price toys shoot.

Kylee is in the spot “Him” for NORTH AMERICA (including its territories and possessions).
Internet / New Media / Corporate / Internal use is Worldwide.

Naya is in the spot “Made Up Song” for Global – All Media.

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