A Hallmark Christmas for Deb

Deborah Finkel wraps on Hallmark’s Movie for Television, “It’s Christmas, Eve“.

Interim school superintendent EVE MORGAN returns to her hometown at Christmastime to help get the school budgets back in the black. That will mean making some painful budget cuts, and Eve fears that soon she’ll be known as not only the person who got rid of the music department, but also “the person who canceled Christmas.”…

Producer: Harvey Kahn
Director:  Tibor Takacs
Writers: Tracy Andreen

This December, singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes, 35, will make her Hallmark movie debut in It’s Christmas, Eve. In this exclusive sneak peek, we get to see a flirty moment between LeAnn’s character, superintendent Eve Morgan, and her love interest, music teacher Liam, played by Tyler Hynes.

The movie will follow Eve’s adventures as she tries to save the music department in her hometown’s high school with a little help from Liam, the school’s music director.

Back in April, the network revealed that LeAnn wrote three original holiday songs for the film, two of which—”It’s Christmas Eve” and “You and Me and Christmas“—she’ll sing in the movie.

The sweet film will be just one of the 34 Christmas movies airing on the network and its sister channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, starting on October 27, 2018.



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