A Holiday Treat

Both Audrey Wise Alvarez and Gigi Jackman have finished filming roles on the MOW “A Sweet Christmas“.
Producer: Charles Cooper
Director: Michael Robison

Will be released Nov 10 2019!

Christmas is Holly’s favourite time of year! She always returns to Madison, Maine to visit her family and her old childhood haunts: her most important visit is to Mrs Rose’s bakery! A bakery which Holly attributes the joy of Christmas. With an exciting promotion at work in the pipeline, Holly returns to Madison assuming it will be Christmas as usual but when she learns the shocking news that Mrs Rose is closing down the bakery, she is thrown off course. But not all is lost! It seems Mrs. Rose has been cooking up an idea to keep the shop in business – find a perfect replacement by hosting a high stakes bake-off! Holly and several other participants compete for the part. Her biggest competition is the ever so handsome, romantic, and endearing Brad who is new to town. Can Holly save the bakery and fill the shoes she’s meant too, or will love be a distraction? The countdown is on for these two love-birds. Can Holly save the bakery and also find unexpected love?




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