Lots Happening For Rowan!

Rowan Longworth will be appearing in The Flash, a spinoff from CW’s Arrow, which stars Grant Gustin as superhero Barry Allen/The Flash.

Rowan also returns on The Killing for season 4 of the mystery drama (which has been picked up by Netflix), and has a recurring role on Wayward Pines, an event thriller evocative of the classic cult hit “Twin Peaks.”, starring Matt Dillon as special agent Ethan Burke.

M. Night Shyamalan is the executive producer of this Fox 10-episode miniseries created by Chad Hodge from the book by Blake Crouch, and co-starring Melissa Leo, Terrance Howard, and Juliette Lewis.

Yuki Continues To Bloom…

Yuki Morita books a role on Continuum (season 3), A Canadian science fiction series created by Simon Barry, airing on Showcase and Syfy. The series centers on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 (who time-travel to Vancouver, BC, in 2012), and a police officer who accidentally accompanies them.

Yuki will also be seen in the blockbuster remake of Godzilla (Nautilus), coming soon to a theatre near you!

Grayson’s Getting Busy…

Grayson Gurnsey books a role in the short film, “My Irish Bar Mitzvah“, as the lead “Daniel”, opposite Valerie Tian (who plays ‘Det Sung’ on Motive). It’s a “Coen Brother’s-Esque” Dark Comedy, co-produced and directed by Patti Henderson whose last short film “Miss Pearlman” was in competition at the Whistler Film Festival.

Grayson will also be starring in the big blockbuster remake of Godzilla (Nautilus), and as “Young Davey” in the feature film “Crockett: The Legend Begins“, about the life, legends and tall tales of Davy Crockett.

Emmanuel Bempong In The Spotlight…

Can’t wait to see the youngest member of the Bempong Family on CW’s The Tomorrow People, an American sci-fi television series. The Tomorrow People are humans who develop special powers as a result of genetic evolution.

The Tomorrow People has been Nominated for a People’s Choice Award as
Favorite New TV Drama.

“Sir” Michael At The Museum…

Michael Denis lands role as the young Ahkmenrah’s father in 20th Century Fox’s big budget sequel Night at the Museum 3, starring Ben Stiller, Sir Ben Kingsley, Robin Williams, and Owen Wilson.

Michael will also be seen in the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures epic rebirth of the iconic Godzilla, a spectacular action/adventure/fantasy to be released spring of 2014


Kurt Ostlund lands a role on CW’s paranormal Sci-Fi series Supernatural, now in it’s ninth season.

After 3 seasons as a series regular on the Disney/YTV series “Mr Young“, Kurt will also be starring in the soon to be released Sony feature film “Grace“.