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The 9th Life of Louis Drax is an upcoming supernatural thriller film directed by Alexandre Aja, written by Max Minghellaand based on Liz Jensen’s best-selling novel of the same title. The film stars Jamie Dornan, Sarah Gadon, Aiden Longworth, Oliver Platt, Molly Parker, Julian Wadham, Jane McGregor, Barbara Hershey and Aaron Paul. The film is scheduled to be released in Canada, United States and the UK  on September 2, 2016.

After surviving eight near-death accidents throughout his unlucky life, Louis Drax [Aiden Longworth] plunges off a steep cliff on his ninth birthday. While police investigate the cause of Louis’ near-fatal fall and the whereabouts of his violent father Peter [Aaron Paul], acclaimed neurologist Dr. Allan Pascal [Jamie Dornan] uses unorthodox techniques to try to tap into the boy’s unconscious mind and reveal the truth about the events that led to his condition. But as he’s drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery of Louis’ seeming ability to cheat death, the doctor finds himself falling for Louis’ mother, Natalie [Sarah Gadon]. As new clues emerge in the case, a shocking revelation changes the fates of Louis Drax and everyone around him.

the_ninth_life_of_louis_drax_poster2Official Trailer:

Aiden Longworth on Sarah Gadon:



Lily’s In The Library!

LilyKillam1Lily Killam gets a role on Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.

Nickelodeon has optioned author Chris Grabenstein’s popular novel, “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library”, which was on The New York Times Bestseller list, for a television movie adaptation,

Can twelve 12-year-olds escape from the most ridiculously brilliant library ever created? Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library plunks a dozen sixth-graders into the middle of a futuristic library for a night of nonstop fun and


The Ongoing Story Of Naika…. and Eric too!!

NaikaJasmine2Naika Toussaint has booked a supporting lead in Story Of A Girl.

The Closer star Kyra Sedgwick will make her directorial debut with Lifetime movie Story Of A Girl, based on the novel by Sara Zarr, with The Following alum and her husband Kevin Bacon set to star. Production begins in September in Vancouver for a 2017 debut on Lifetime following the film’s festival run.

A powerful coming-of-age story, the film is about a teen who must deal with the ramifications of a sex video that goes viral. When a sex video of 13-year-old Deanna Lambert and Tommy, her older brother’s best friend, hits the Internet, her life of carefree innocence is changed forever. Three years later, Deanna is still dealing with the fallout of the video, including being branded the school slut and bearing the burden of the daily taunts from her classmates. Her home life is even more troublesome as her father’s anger and disappointment over the incident has left him unable to look her in the eye. Ready to move on, Deanna longs to escape a life defined by the mistakes of her past.

Story of a Girl is produced by Kikkosview. Golden Globe and Emmy winner Sedgwick produces and directs from a script written by Laurie Collyer (The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe) and Emily Bickford Lansbury (Work of Art: The Next Great Artist) who also produces. The film is also produced by Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter of Random Bench (Toad Road). Ross Katz (Lost in Translation) is executive producer.

EricBempongB2And Eric Bempong has also booked a role in Story Of A Girl !!!


It’s Time for Grayson!

GMG HS 1 - July 2016Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey books a role on Timeless, Episode 105.

An unlikely trio traveling through time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.

Hailing from “Supernatural’sEric Kripke, “The Shield’sShawn Ryan and the producers of “The Blacklist,” the action-adventure project has been at the top of NBC’s list all throughout pilot season.

In “Timeless,” a mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. Our only hope is an unexpected team: a scientist, soldier and history professor who must use the machine’s prototype to travel back in time to critical events. While they must make every effort not to affect the past themselves, they must also stay one step ahead of this dangerous fugitive. NBC’s description of the show reads, “Can this handpicked team uncover the mystery behind it all and end his destruction before it’s too late?”


The cast includes Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Visnjic, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit.

Kripke and Ryan are writers and exec producers, along with John Davis, John Fox, Marney Hochman and director Neil Marshall. “Timeless” is produced by Davis Entertainment, Kripke Enterprises, MiddKid Productions and Sony Pictures Television.


A ‘Wonderful’ Opportunity for Grayson and Emily!












Grayson Gurnsey and Emily Giannozio join the star-studded cast on the feature film “Wonder“.

WonderCastJacob Tremblay is back, and he’s as aww-inducing as ever. The Room actor, 9, stars in the upcoming drama Wonder alongside Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. The film, based on the best-selling book by R.J. Palacio, tells the story of a boy with facial differences who strives to be treated the same as his peers as he begins the year at a new school. “The movie Wonder is about family, friendship, love and most of all, it’s about choosing kindness at every stage of life,” says director Stephen Chbosky.

WonderPosterThe script was adapted by Jack Thorne and Steve Conrad.

Participant Media and Walden Media are joining Lionsgate and Tik Films to co-finance and executive produce.

Jason In A Real Tearjerker….

JasonBempongJason Bempong has wrapped a role on LifeTime MOW, Beaches.

Break out the tissues, there’s a new version of Beaches, and it’s sure to bring on the waterworks.

Lifetime is working on a remake of the 1988 tearjerker starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey.

Frozen and Rent star Idina Menzel will step into the role made famous by Midler and the TV movie will feature new takes on the classic songs “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “The Glory of Love” and include several other songs recorded specifically for the movie.

The film follows the serendipitous meeting of two kids on the Venice Boardwalk, who, though worlds apart in lifestyle, embark on an unexpected and lifelong friendship. CC (Menzel) is an aspiring singer trying to make it in Los Angeles until she is discovered by a director who gives CC her first big shot. Hillary (Barbara Hershey in the feature) is the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer who struggles to find her own destiny. Their friendship — even with its ups and downs — sustains them for decades.

Lifetime’s Beaches will be executive produced by Denise Di Novi (Crazy, Stupid, Love) and Alison Greenspan (If I Stay). Allison Anders (Ring of Fire) will direct. Bart Baker (Honeymoon With Harry) and Nikole Beckwith (Stockholm, Pennsylvania) will pen the script for the A+E Studios-produced movie.

The original movie, from the late Garry Marshall, grossed $57 million domestically, with “Wind Beneath My Wings” earning record and song of the year Grammys. The new project, announced a week after Marshall’s death, has been in the works for more than a year.

The new version of Beaches began production Aug. 15 in Vancouver and is slated to debut on Lifetime in 2017.

Original Beaches – Wind Beneath My Wings

Eric Throws Down!

EricBempong2BEric Bempong finishes shooting a Music Video for Artaban Productions.

Director: Jem Garrard.

Jem is a four-time Leo award-winning writer, director, and cinematographer with extensive experience filming across the globe. She has made official music videos for Ringo Starr, Linkin Park, Young Galaxy, and dozens of Canadian artists.

She recently directed the first season of ‘The Switch,’ a TV sitcom due to be aired in 2016. Her last documentary TV series, ‘Playground’ won her four Leo awards. She was one of the winners of the prestigious Crazy8s filmmaking contest in 2015, and her award-winning short film ‘The Wolf Who Came to Dinner‘ has screened all over the world.

Her first feature documentary, ‘Guns to Mics‘ that she co-directed and shot in Sierra Leone, West Africa, will be released early 2016. Jem writes sci-fi scripts and is currently working on her first feature.

Kurt Makes History…

Kurt 2nd headshotR_BKurt Ostlund finishes shooting on NBC’s “Timeless“, Episode #101, “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln“.

Timeless – “History Will Be Remade”.

NBC has ordered the epic time-travelling adventure pilot Timeless (formerly Time) — from Supernatural creator Erik Kripke and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan.
It’s the Peacock network’s hot new drama this fall.

What’s it about? Master criminal Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) steals a time machine and travels back in time to before the 1937 Hindenburg disaster with a plan to destroy America through time. Abigail Spencer (Suits/Rectify) as History Prof Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as soldier Wyatt Logan and Malcolm Barrett as engineer Rufus Carlin are the trio recruited by the government for the top secret mission to stop Flynn. Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers) is Mason Lark, founder of Lark Industries, who created the time machine.


NBC announced that the show will premiere on October 3, 2016.


Goldie’s Fairy Tale Come True!

GoldieHoffman3Goldie Hoffman
wraps a role in Once Upon A Time, Episode 603.

Once Upon a Time is an American fairy tale dramatic series that premiered on October 23, 2011, on ABC. It has been renewed for a 6th season.

The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, in which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales and other stories that were transported to the “real world” town and robbed of their original memories by the Evil Queen Regina (Lana Parrilla), using a powerful curse obtained from Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle). The residents of Storybrooke, where Regina is mayor, have lived an unchanging existence for 28 years, unaware of their own lack of aging. The town’s only hope lies with a bail-bonds person named Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), the daughter of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), who was transported from the Enchanted Forest to our world via a magic wardrobe as an infant before she could be cursed. As such, she is the only person who can break the curse and restore the characters’ lost memories. She is aided by her son, Henry (Jared S. Gilmore), with whom she has recently reunited after giving him up for adoption upon his birth, and his Once Upon a Time book of fairy tales that holds the key to breaking the curse. Henry is also the adopted son of Regina, providing a source of both conflict and common interest between the two women.

Episodes usually have one segment that details the characters’ past lives that, when serialized, adds a piece to the puzzle about the characters and their connection to the events that preceded the curse and its consequences. The other, set in the present day, follows a similar pattern with a different outcome but also offers similar insights.


Season 6  is scheduled to debut September 25, 2016
New characters introduced to the series during this season include Aladdin, Jafar, Princess Jasmine, Morpheus, Count of Monte Cristo and Captain Nemo this season will also introduce the Land Of Untold Stories, which will open storytelling avenues to “everyone.”

Season 6 Trailer:


Something Kinda “Magic” About Everrett…

EverrettShea4Everrett Shea books a recurring role in The Magicians, Episode 206
and Episode 208.  .

SYFY’sThe Magicians”… a drama fantasy horror show, based upon Lev Grossman’s best-selling books, The Magicians, stars Jason Ralph (A Most Violent Year, Aquarius) as Quentin Coldwater, a brilliant grad student who enrolls in Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, a secret upstate New York university specializing in magic. He and his 20-something friends soon discover that the magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real— and poses a grave danger to humanity.  Stella Maeve (Chicago P.D.), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Vatican Tapes, Paranormal Activity 5), Hale Appleman (Teeth), Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie), and Summer Bishil (Towelhead, Lucky 7) also star in this one-hour drama.
Groundswell Productions’ Michael London and Janice Williams (Milk) will executive produce. John McNamara (Aquarius) and Sera Gamble (Supernatural), writers of the pilot, will serve as executive producers.

TheMagiciansPosterLev Grossman’s Magicians trilogy is an international sensation, published and widely praised in more than twenty countries. The epic conclusion to the series, The Magician’s Land, opened at #1 last summer on The New York Times Hardcover Best Seller’s list, and was widely acclaimed as one of the best books of the year.