She’s A Real ‘Con’ Artist!! ;-)

Madeleine Arthur has been busy filming a role in an upcoming short “art piece” film entitled Enclosure shooting in Upstate New York.

Director: Rachel Rose
Producer: Animal Kingdom and David Kaplan

This project is set in 18th Century Britain, in an alternate universe in which the invention of paper money has sent society into possibly-revolutionary convulsions.

In the year 1766, the English King consolidates his power by seizing common lands from the people, but accidentally stimulates the economy by introducing a feverish kind of land speculation. While religious disputes tear the country apart, and the most far-sighted citizens seek to flee to the New World, farmers who fear imminent land seizures are preyed on by Road Babies, travelling con artists who try to buy (and re-sell) land one step ahead of the King’s Men, using forged cash to grease their forward path in life.

The film will premiere in 2019 at Luma Arles and then exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in 2020.

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