One Tough Hombre…

Luis Javier has wrapped shooting in Calgary on the indie film “El Chicano

Raúl Castillo, Lucifer star Aimee Garcia, George Lopez and Kate Del Castillo are set to co-star in El Chicano, the indie film directed by Ben Bray (Supergirl) from a script he co-wrote with Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces). Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers franchise) is producing the film with Carnahan.

El Chicano is described as a dark, urban-inspired superhero movie about a mysterious supernatural vigilante named El Chicano who takes on the drug dealers in the barrio. At the heart of the story are fraternal twin brothers, Pedro and Diego Hernandez. Fifteen years after witnessing El Chicano in action, Diego has grown up to be a highly decorated L.A. police detective, while his brother entered gang life and committed suicide after a prison stint.

When investigating the deaths of 12 gang members in a warehouse, Diego begins to uncover details about his brother’s past life in a secret “shadow world.” He begins to suspect he didn’t take his own life after all but was murdered.

So while not directly autobiographical, El Chicano certainly contains elements of Bray’s life growing up as the oldest of six children in a ghetto in San Fernando. His youngest brother Craig died at the age of 29 of a drug overdose not long after getting out of prison. It was a death that the family, and some investigators, have always found suspicious.

David Castaneda, Noel G, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Marco Rodriguez, Marlene Forte, Sal Lopez, and Mr. Criminal are also among the cast of the film, which is currently in production.

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