Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Gigi Jackman has just finished and Kurt Ostlund will be busy filling a role this month on the Lifetime movie Blue Esme.

Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden has signed on to star in Blue Esme aka Love You to Death.

Alex Kalymnios is directing the project from a screenplay by Anthony Jaswinski. Kalymnios previously helmed the cable network’s tele-picture Cleveland Abduction in 2015.

Inspired by the HBO documentary Mommy, Dead And Dearest, Blue Esme tells the harrowing true story of young Esme Stoller, a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy whose mother, in a perverse and twisted effort to gain love and attention, manipulated her daughter into believing she was sick and in constant need of medical intervention.

“It’s a shocking tale of a mother and daughter who are nothing like they seem, their tumultuous relationship ending in a brutal murder,” a press release said. “Camile and Esme are well-known in their community — Esme as the sickly, child-like wheelchair-bound daughter, and Camile as the perfect caretaker and mother. They seem a perfect pair until Camile is found stabbed to death in her home, and Esme has vanished, believed to be kidnapped by the killer. But when Esme is found, a terrible secret emerges.”

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