We’re Cheering For Naika!

Naïka Toussaint has booked the role in Lifetime’s upcoming MOW, ‘Identity Theft of a Cheerleader‘.

Producer(s): Timothy Johnson, Navid Soofi
Director: Christie Will

Storyline: Inspired by true events, Wendy is a 31 year old high school drop out working at a Dollarmart with a lazy, unemployed boyfriend. When she is let go from her job over her 18 year old co-worker, soon to also be high school drop out, she steals her identity to attend high school again. This time though, nothing is going to stand in her way from being popular and succeeding, no matter the consequences.

News story – https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/07/wendy-brown/486152/

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