VIFF SCREENINGS – “THE UNSEEN” – featuring Kurt Ostlund, Max Chadburn & Aiden Longworth.

theunseenheaderThe Unseen director Geoff Redknap breaks the mould for a unique take on the invisible man story.

The film was shot in Vancouver, Langley and Kelowna.

  30 September 2016 6:00 PM – VIFF at Rio Theatre.
  07 October 2016 4:15 PM – VIFF at International Village 10.

theunseenposter2Drawing inspiration from both H.G. Wells and macabre headlines, Geoff Redknap’s audacious debut is a narratively rich and psychologically complex thriller.

Suffering from an uncanny affliction, Bob (Rectify’s Aden Young) has entered self-imposed exile, toiling in a lumber mill in northern British Columbia. However, to suggest that Bob wants to disappear would be unfair. In actual fact, the fates have left him with little say in the matter. (And to share any more would be a disservice to the copious surprises contained in Redknap’s exceptional script.) When his estranged daughter Eva’s (Julia Sarah Stone) behaviour takes a turn for the rebellious, Bob is summoned back to Vancouver by his ex (Camille Sullivan). In turn, he’s drawn into a dark underworld involving drug dealing, animal poaching and organ trading.

Given that Redknap is a veteran special makeup effects artist, it’s only fitting that his first feature should prove itself to be so meticulously detailed as it seamlessly grafts supernatural elements onto relatable human drama. And while its influences are readily evident, The Unseen is undeniably the product of a one filmmaker’s unique vision.

theunseenpic“[An] extraordinary feature film debut… The Unseen is the best of its kind to come along since Unbreakable. I do not offer this praise frivolously, as the execution is so startlingly confident here… Undoubtedly, it is a sure sign of many more great things to come.”—Kurt Halfyard, Screen Anarchy.







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