Alpha Males!

Shawn Burke has finished filming a role on The Marriage Course web series for Alpha, and Ron Wear who has also been filming a role this month will recur in a future episode.

The Alpha Series: The Marriage Course is a non-profit web series based out of the UK which will be distributed worldwide. It is a 7 episode marriage course and a 5 episode pre-marriage course that aids couples in pre-marriage and marriage counseling.

Producer: Dylan Jenkinson, Daniel Stewart
Executive Producer: Gordie Cochran
Director: Daniel Stewart
Writer: Nicky and Sila Lee

Story line: In this series we will be capturing many scenes in which couples will interact with one another in a scenario to help portray a concept or idea relating to the content. Some scenes will be filmed in a ‘Wes Anderson’ style set build location while others will be more abstract vignettes in studio. Some scenes will be more realistic on-location scenes that tell a story in amidst the teaching content of this series.

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