What An Explosive Talent!

Monique Phillips books a role on the Web Series “This Blows“.

Network: CBC
Executive Producer: Bruce McCulloch, Susan Cavan
Producer(s): Caitlin Brown
Director: Cole Northey
Writer: Bruce McCulloch

Storyline: This Blows is an 8 part digital miniseries set in the world of rainy, hipster Vancouver where the lead, Anna Gowen, discovers she can blow people up with her anger. A thoughtful, action-packed, female driven horror comedy series, This Blows will (quite literally) explode what it means to be a young, people-pleasing woman on a journey through discovering how to express anger. The show’s tone is grounded, odd, but believable. Amid all the gore, our character’s energy remains soulful, playful, and at times savage. A hybrid of Heathers with the unbridled energy of (say) Evil Dead, This Blows is an homage to the messy, low- budget gore of old-school horror films — this time with a modern feminist twist.

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