Gabby Breaks Down The Walls!

Gabriella Klein books role in Pilot for TV Series “Thin Walls“.for Zee Studio International Limited.

Executive Producer: Bhhaskar S De
Co-exec Producer: Ben Lu
Producer(s): Micheal Pohorly
Director: Subhadarshi Tripathy and Satish Namboodiry
Writer: Chris Chan, Amy Fox, Wren Handman, Javier Badilo
Associate Producer: Elfina Luk

Thin Walls is the hilarious collision of personalities and proclivities, manifested by a group of neighbours living in a metropolitan high-rise condo. The series centers two couples in adjacent units; the men experiencing a blossoming bro-mance, complicated by their escalating infatuation with the other’s wife. Eddy is a fivestar chef whose moved to America with his wife on a visa meaning he can only work odd jobs under the table. His wife, Maria Isabella, is a magazine fashionista who’s moved to North America to pursue her dream job. Their new life brings with it new challenges, a new culture, and new neighbours. Mike is an all American lingerie salesman who’s afraid to step outside of the box. Claudia is a gorgeous geek and professional gamer.

Thin Walls is a high energy, raunchy, slightly absurd American style multi-cam sitcom. Characters are large and loud!!

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