The Logical Choice!!

rauriRuairi MacDonald books lead role in Robocore – Episode 101.

Storyline: Sommersby Elementary school has just hired an R500 to teach their Kindergarten class. After all, it can use customized algorithms to cater to each student’s individual learning needs. The students love it, and the teachers in the staff room have mixed feelings. Numerous conversations take place in the classroom, including what will a student grow up to be if robots have taken most roles? When the classroom hamster dies, students and teacher begin a discussion on death and what it means to be alive.

Comments: Directed and Written by four time Leo Award winning Jem Garrard, Jem recently directed a Hallmark MOW, ‘A Murderer Upstairs‘. She has made official music videos for Ringo Starr, Young Galaxy, Bend Sinister, Linkin Park and dozens of Canadian artists. Her first feature documentary that she co-directed and shot in Sierra Leone, has been released. She is the winner of 2015 Crazy 8’s with, ‘The Wolf Who Came to Dinner‘, a film that has screened internationally and won numerous awards. She is also the Director of the Television series, ‘The Switch‘ for OUTTV. Robocore is an Original Series for TELUS, based on the short film, ‘Unit Bryan‘, a Sci-Fi Mockumentary about a bored, aimless retail store employee, Robin, who has been tasked with training the store’s new employee, a friendly worker robot. You can watch ‘Unit Bryan‘ here:

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