Mother and Daughter Zombies!!

Kyla Wise and Audrey Wise Alvarez have wrapped shooting on CW’s iZombie, now filming season 4!

iZOMBIE Season 4 TRAILER Comic Con (2017) CW

The show about an undead morgue attendant who assumes the personality of whichever brain she is eating and uses it to solve murders is one of the most consistently delightful shows on television. We would expect nothing less from Rob Thomas, who also created cult favourite Veronica Mars. Thomas runs iZombie along with Diane Ruggiero-Wright.

Rose McIver toplines the series, and stars alongside Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Aly Michalka.
The iZombie TV show is based on the characters from the Vertigo comic of the same name.

In season 4 the series will pick up three months after the big outbreak of zombies, and Seattle is now walled off from the rest of the world. The zombies and humans that are left in New Seattle are trying to live together. The population of humans is not nearly as high as Seattle used to have. Once the knowledge that zombies existed got out, there was a mass exodus — but not everyone could leave. Those that got stuck are the ones trying to survive.

Executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright explains that it’s even more complicated than that, as there are those in New Seattle trying to get out, but there are people outside the city who are sick and are trying to get in because they believe the cure is in the city.

iZombie Season 4: The City Is Walled Off, And All Cops Have Zombie Partners

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