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Junnicia Lagoutin has just finished filming a recurring role on Episode #117 and #118 of CW’s series, ‘Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew is an American mystery drama television series based on the titular character of a mystery book series that debuted on October 9, 2019. It is the third Nancy Drew television series, following The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977–1979) and a 1995 Canadian-American version.

In October 2019, The CW picked up the series for a full season of 22 episodes.

Nancy Drew” is a contemporary spin on the beloved book series by Carolyn Keene. The series, from CBS Television Studios and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire, stars Kennedy McMann as the intrepid young sleuth.

The show is set in the summer after Nancy’s high school graduation, with the 18-year-old poised to leave her hometown for college. However, when a family tragedy holds her back another year, she finds herself embroiled in a ghostly murder investigation – and along the way, uncovers secrets that run deeper than she ever imagined. Since this is decidedly different from any version of Nancy Drew that’s come before, prepare for The CW’s new mystery with intel straight from the showrunners and star about what you should expect from the first season. One of the biggest differences between the show and the source material is Nancy’s age and maturity. “We definitely wanted to update it by making Nancy into a real 20-year-old, post-high school girl in terms of where she was in her life and relationships,” executive producer Stephanie Savage tells EW.

“It’s a really awesome time for women right now in Hollywood and I think she is such an exceptional role model for our audience to have,” McMann says. “It’s the perfect time to see this very commanding person who is taking control and taking responsibility for her actions and not being afraid to go for what she really wants and allows herself to be driven by her desires as opposed to what she thinks she ought to be. She doesn’t focus on impressing the people around her. She’s focusing on herself and that’s a really wonderful and important thing to teach, especially younger girls.”

The series stars:
• Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew, a brilliant former teenage detective whose sense of self used to come from solving mysteries, but who finds herself reluctantly drawn into a homicide case connecting to her family.
• Leah Lewis as Georgia “George” Fan, Nancy’s old nemesis from high school and her boss at the local diner, The Bayside Claw
• Maddison Jaizani as Bess Marvin, a rich city girl with a mysterious past who works as a waitress with Nancy at The Bayside Claw
• Tunji Kasim as Ned “Nick” Nickerson, a former teenage convict and football player who now runs an auto repair shop. He is Nancy’s secret boyfriend
• Alex Saxon as Ace, the zen and amiable dishwasher/cook at The Bayside Claw with a secret to hide
• Alvina August as Det. Karen Hart, an investigator with the Horseshoe Bay police department who is dating Nancy’s father Carson
• Riley Smith as Ryan Hudson, a handsome and affluent socialite who is the husband of murder victim Tiffany Hudson
• Scott Wolf as Carson Drew, a criminal defense attorney and Nancy’s widowed father, whose attempts to connect with Nancy since her mother’s death have failed.

In January 2020, The CW renewed the series for a second season.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays on The CW.

Series Trailer:

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