On The Cusp… Of Greatness!

Chance Hurstfield is busy taping for the title role in the new animated prelay series for DHX Media – Dorg Van Dango.


Life is full of “changes” when you turn thirteen. Voices start to wobble, the odd pimple might appear, or – if you’re Dorg Van Dongo – four magical beings crash-land in your backyard, become your best buds, and transform your life forever!

Dorg Van Dango is 13-years-old, on the cusp of adolescence, so he’s independent, strong-willed, and occasionally has enough cash to buy his own milkshake, but he hasn’t become a jaded teen yet, and still has an irrepressible sense of adventure. He’s curious, earnest, exuberant, and is the sort of kid who always says ‘Yes’ – even when he should probably say ‘Nope’ or ‘Maybe’ or ‘I’m pretty sure that’s illegal’. He’s an eternal optimist who takes life by the horns with no saddle.

This series is a character comedy, a funny and outlandish look at life through the thick-lensed glasses of 13-year-old Dorg Van Dongo who befriends four otherworldly oddballs. His new pals have extraordinary powers, but to avoid detection Dorg must help them pretend that they’re not magical at all. They hide in plain sight, hanging out in the mall, the local diner, the comic store, and Dorg’s school masquerading as just another gang of teens trying to fit into Normal life. But in secret, the gang use their powers to help Dorg solve his teenage problems, or to deal with their own issues in the human world, or simply to create a marshmallow pizza.

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