Watch Gigi Jackman in Lifetime’s film College Admissions Scandal (AKA Operation Varsity Blues).

The Lifetime movie about the college admissions scandal that captivated the country earlier this year airs Oct 12th, 2019.

The scandal involved a group of wealthy parents, including actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, who took illegal measures to secure their children’s spots at competitive universities. Huffman pleaded guilty to the federal charges brought against her, while Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are awaiting trial.

The plot:
According to the official synopsis, the film ”follows two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college. When charismatic college admissions consultant Rick Singer offers a side door into the prestigious institutions of their dreams, they willingly partake with visions of coveted acceptance letters in their heads. But when Singer cooperates with the FBI and pleads guilty, the mothers who risked everything for their kids must face the consequences of their crimes and the loss of trust and respect from their families.“

The cast:
Penelope Ann Miller and Mia Kirshner play the film’s leads: Caroline, an interior designer, and Bethany, who owns a financial services firm. Both of them begin working with Rick Singer, the real-life college admissions consultant at the center of the scandal, in order to get their children into elite colleges. Michael Shanks, the Canadian actor from Saving Hope, is reportedly set to play Singer.


Penelope Ann Miller stars as Caroline DeVere in “The College Admissions Scandal.Mia Kirshner stars as Bethany Slade in “The College Admissions Scandal.

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