Such A Well-Behaved Child!

Troy Ames is busy shooting a recurring role and will be seen in episodes #201,205 & 208 of Netflix’s, ‘The Babysitter’s Club‘.

The Baby-Sitter’s Club was renewed for a second season in October 2020.

The first season ends with the introduction of two new characters from the original book series—Jessi Ramsey and Mallory Pike—making it likely that their stories will be further explored in potential followup seasons. The second season of The Baby-Sitters Club was announced by the cast in an adorable Zoom video.

The Baby-Sitters Club is based on the extremely popular book series of the same name by Ann M. Martin. The show follows a group of middle school girls who form a club of babysitters that offers their services to all the parents in the neighborhood.The group consists of Kristy, the club president, Claudia, the VP, Stacey, the treasurer, Mary Anne, the club secretary, and Dawn, the new kid.But this show is about way more than just babysitting. It also covers friendship, gender acceptance, family problems, health issues, school trouble, first crushes, and first kisses. Everything a preteen kid is going through can be found in the lives of one of the main characters on the show.

The series stars Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Shay Rudolph, Malia Baker, Xochitl Gomez, Alicia Silverstone, Marc Evan Jackson, Sophia Reid-Gantzert and Takayo Fischer.

The Baby-Sitters Club” books have sold over 180 million copies to date. It was previously adapted into a television series in 1990, which ran for one season on HBO before airing in syndication on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. It was then adapted into a feature film in 1995 that starred Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik, and Schuyler Fisk.

Season 2 – Announcement video –

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