Crime pays!

DarcyFehr_3 Darcy Fehr is now filming Episode 6 of the crime/western TV Series in Winnipeg, The Pinkertons.

Actors Martha MacIsaac (“Superbad”, “The Last House on the Left”) and Jacob Blair (“Dark Rising”, “Warrior of Worlds”, “Om Sweet Om”) will join Angus Macfadyen (“Turn”, “Braveheart”) as leads in Rosetta Media and Buffalo Gal Picture‘s original 22-episode drama. The series premiered Oct. 4 in first run syndication in the U.S., where it has been cleared in over 93 percent of the country by Rohrs Media Group on station groups including Tribune, Weigel, Hearst, LIN, Meredith, Cox and the CW Plus.

Drawing on the real cases of Pinkerton Detective Agency, The Pinkertons follows founder Allan Pinkerton (Macfadyen), his son William, and America’s first female detective, Kate Warne, as they solve crimes throughout the “Wild West” of the 1860s (Pinkerton is known for revolutionizing detective work by developing use of surveillance, undercover work and the mug shot).

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