Adam Thomas’ Christmas Wish

Adam Thomas has booked a role in Hallmark’s upcoming MOWThe Christmas Wish


Director: Allan Harmon
Writer: Susan Brightbill

Based on the novel by Barbara Ankrum.

STORY LINE: Payton Canaday is planning the big 25th Annual Christmas Party for her family’s bed and breakfast, The Canaday Inn, but her works is disrupted, happily so, when she helps her old friend Dr. Ben Tyler, take care of LILY, the 8 year old daughter of his widowed friend who’s in the hospital. Payton has known Ben since they were kids and is still hurting from her attempts to get him out of the “friend zone” ten years ago, which did not go well. However, both Ben and Payton have a chance to get to know each other once again, this time through the magical prism of a traditional Christmas, and it looks like Payton’s longtime wish might come true…

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