He’s The Top Dog!

Chance Hurstfield has been busy recording his recurring role as Harold Humdinger in season 7 of Paw Patrol.

Paw Patrol is an animated television series that airs in Canada on TVOntario. In the US, it originally premiered on Nickelodeon on August 12, 2013. Created by Keith Chapman, it is produced by Spin Master Entertainment and revolves around a kid, Ryder, who is the leader of a pack of search and rescue dogs. They call themselves PAW Patrol and together, protect their home in Adventure Bay — a fictional shoreline town. Each dog possesses its own set of special talents.

Paw Patrol season 6 premiered on Nickelodeon on February 22, 2019. its run for the sixth installment comprises 26 episodes. In the US, you can stream episodes on Noggin, with a free TV Everywhere authentication on Nickelodeon’s app. You can access the show via a public library card on the Hoopla app.

Paw Patrol’, since its debut, has received favorable reviews from audiences as well as critics. The Nickelodeon series has been sold to TV networks in over 160 countries, where it airs in Canada, the Middle East, France, Portugal, the UK, Korea, and Iceland, among others. Spin Master has even extended the show into a media franchise. There is a line of toys based on its characters that generate millions of dollars for the company, enhancing Spin Master’s influence over the preschool toy market.

Yes, the show is a massive hit and it did not come as a surprise when we received the news that as per an announcement on June 4, 2019, Nickelodeon has already renewed the series for the seventh season, comprising 26 half-hour episodes. We have not received an update on the official release date yet. However, based on release dates of its last three seasons, ‘Paw Patrol’ season 7 should start sometime in February 2020.

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Episode from Season 6 with Chance as “Harold Humdinger”:

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