Aiden Answers to the “Strange Calls!”

 AidenL300pxAiden Longworth has just completed filming a role on “Strange Calls,” NBC/Twentieth Century Fox TV’s paranormal comedy pilot.

The single-camera comedy is a remake of the Aussie comedy, “The Strange Calls,” which centers on lead Danny Pudi (Community) playing an eager young cop who fears he’s landed the world’s lamest post when he’s transferred to a sleepy coastal town straight out of Northern Exposure. Those fears are short lived when he realizes the idyllic little town is secretly home to the most bizarre paranormal activity on the planet.

And the one thing stranger than his cases is the eccentric local groundskeeper played by Patrick Brammall, who is determined to be his partner.

Blake McCormick (Cougar Town) is the writer of the pilot as well as exec producer with “Secrets & Lies’” Aaron Kaplan and Tracey Robertson. Twentieth Century FoxTV, Kapital Entertainment and Hoodlum Entertainment will produce.

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