Bernadeta a WWE winner!

BernadetteWrobelBernadeta Wrobel plays a Russian immigrant woman, opposite Dolph Ziggler and Kane in WWE movie, “6:42”.

These two WWE stars are teaming up for another action thriller from WWE Studios, presented by Lionsgate Films. It’s the motion picture debut of Ziggler, who recently signed a new contract with WWE, while Kane has filmed two See No Evil movies previously. The film also stars Katharine Isabelle, who was in See No Evil 2.

Ziggler plays Ray Fitzpatrick, who is a narcotics cop in Los Angeles that shoots his own partner, which leads to him getting suspended from the police force. The action picks up from there after a kidnapper threatens to set off a time bomb strapped to a child’s chest unless the cops can come up with $2 million.

Kane plays Lt. Cronin and assigns Fitzpatrick to be the bagman while making sure he kills the kidnapper without killing the boy. The reason why the movie is called “6:42” is because there’s 6 minutes and 42 seconds to save the child before it’s too late.


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