Over The Moon For Naïka!

Naïka Toussaint has booked a role in the upcoming romance MOW, Over the Moon in Love.
Director: Christie Will
Writer: Jessica Lowndes
Starring Jessica LowndesWes Brown, Peter Graham-Gaudreau
With her match-making business on the verge of sail or sink, Brooklyn Moore (Jessica Lowndes) finds herself in the unique position to be featured in Life/Style Magazine. The publicity she could get would change her life and career forever! Lead journalist Stefanie Carlton is going to write a piece about Perfect Match and it’s 100% success rate, but in order to get the attention and marketing she needs, Brooklyn decides to throw a summer love party. In the midst of all this her childhood friend Devin (Wes Brown) comes back into her life, and even though Stephanie has eyes on him, a flame still lingers between Devin and Brooklyn. Can she find love for herself and be successfully publically recognized as the true romance specialist she is?

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