A Very Talented Woman!

Monique Phillips has booked a role in upcoming feature film, Soft Spoken Weepy Cult Child which will be shooting this spring.

Soft Spoken Weepy Cult Child is funded by Canada Council for the Arts.

The film is written and directed by Irina Lord. Produced by Vivian Davidson of Plot Hole.

Plot Hole is a film production company based in Vancouver, BC.

We champion the talents of women, both in front and behind the camera, and believe it’s time for fairer funding for female directors, and a realistic representation of women on screen.

It’s the summer of 2011 and the small commuter town of VENUS is suffocating under a heat wave. Wistful HOPE clings to her unapologetic, chain-smoking grandmother LIZA, whose terminal cancer is forcing her to rearrange their lives. On the other side of town, SHIVA’s ritual – a night of masturbation, followed by specific incantations – is interrupted by the POLICE, who hunt down the participants in a frenzy of sand, waves, red carnation and naked bodies and arrest their guru, known as the PROFESSOR. In his absence, Hope and Liza join ADA, Hope’s absentee mother, at THE HOUSE – a multi-level compound offering communal living to a flurry of giggling young women, and boasting a private PINK ROOM for the more sexually adventurous.

Website: https://www.plothole.ca
Site: https://www.irinafilm.com/sswcc

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