Look… It’s One Of Santa’s Elves!

Audrey Wise Alvarez has booked a role in the upcoming feature film, ‘Operation Christmas Drop‘.

Director: Martin Wood
Writers: Gregg Rossen & Brian Sawyer
Story Line:
Nicknamed the “Capitol Clipper” for her ability to slash budgets, Erica Miller is sent by her Congressman boss to a South Pacific airbase to eliminate unnecessary expenditures on the base — or close it entirely. Erica’s chief target is “Operation Christmas Drop,” a long-standing seasonal tradition in which Christmas packages, not only of toys, but of essential food and clothing, are air-dropped to needy and remote islands.  This year, a typhoon has made the Drop even more essential than ever. In charge of the operation, Air Force Captain Andrew doesn’t intend to let a Washington suit deter him from his mission, so when he’s ordered to squire Erica around on her fact-finding mission, the two initially clash terribly.  However, after Andrew shows Erica the human side of the Drop, Erica changes her mind about her assignment — and about Andrew. As she and Andrew start falling hard for one another, Erica joins Andrew and the battalion of military personnel and volunteers to make this year’s Drop a reality.  But when Erica’s boss shows up unexpectedly and orders her back to Washington, as a typhoon closes in, it appears that the islands served by the Drop may have to go without Christmas this year…

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